Mobile Trustee

Mobile Trustee is a highly advanced application, which can operate in any shop in the world. It is a multi-functional app that works for you. For household customers, Mobile Trustee is the perfect to pay waste bills, to top up accounts and to use a phone as a mobile wallet.

For a shop, Mobile trustee is the smart solution for a clear Loyalty Points system. In the Mobile Trustee admin, a shop can create numerous Loyalty Programs, keep track of customers’ loyalty points and reward them with various bonuses.

The visual, user-friendly design of Mobile Trustee makes it simple to use for both customers and shop staff. Processing a payment is secure, and fast - done in less than a minute. Thanks to its reliable reconciliation system, the shop is able to record transactions in an efficient manner.


Latest News

Good news!
Mobile Trustee is launched and fully operational in Killeen’s Service Station. Stop by and top up your account today!