Mobile Trustee

works seamlessly with the Household app, enabling customers to top up their waste
account by simply scanning their QR code – cannot get any easier.

Latest News

Good news!
Mobile Trustee is launched and fully operational in
Killeen’s Service Station. Stop by and top up your
account today!

About Us

You own or manage a shop and are wondering why choose Mobile Trustee?

We have three words for you:

Cost-efficient, reliable and smart.

Cost efficiency was the first goal we set when designing Mobile Trustee. Stop for a moment and think how much you lose on transactions put through the current terminals because of large commissions! Now, imagine ridding yourself of these costs – with Mobile Trustee, this is a real possibility. Putting through cash transactions at a minimal commission helps you to save on costs and actually benefit from customer top ups.

Loyalty is important for a business, as happy customers are loyal customers. Here is where Mobile Trustee comes in, because it goes further than simply a top-up method. With its advanced and innovative E-Club function, Mobile Trustee enables you to quickly develop your own loyalty platform. When customers comes by your shop, they can join the shop’s E-club system with one push of a button. The back-end admin system allows you to create and monitor Loyalty Programs and bonuses.

Last, but not least, Mobile Trustee is space-smart. It does not clog up the shop counter or take much of the already limited space on it. Imagine how much more space will free up when you replace bulky terminals with a 7-inch tablet, which offers increased functionality in a smaller package - perfect for a fast-paced cashier.

So, why hesitate? Rid yourself of large commissions, space-devouring terminals and make way for the advanced way of topping up! Increase customer base by using the Mobile Trustee Loyalty programs of which you are in control at all times. No major training needed, as Mobile Trustee is highly visual and self-explanatory. Contact us today for a demo at .